Always Be True To Who You Are

Stressed Out!?

January 20th, 2011

So ever have those hours, days or weeks where you are just constantly stressed about work or life? If you are the lucky small percentage who live stress free then I suppose you can disregard this post. However for those of us who live and work in a constantly challenging stressful life here is some advice you've probably heard before to combat this stress, Exercise! Yes exercise is a great way to beat stress or at least calm it down. The beauty of exercise and exertion causes you to release endorphins which in turns makes you feel happy! So next time you are stressed, and even if this stress comes from thinking you don't have enough time, take 15 to 30 minutes to get in some good strength training exercise or interval cardio and I guarantee you'll feel better after is all said and done. Plus you'll feel better and be focused again to tackle whatever is stressing you. Here's to you a healthy and better you!

Here's to a Healthy New Year!

January 1st, 2011

So let me guess beings its a new year you have a resolution or at least thought to yourself you need to start exercising more and eating better!? Well it's good that you are thinking that way as living healthy makes life that much better! So instead of saying this and not following through I wanted to throw out a few quick pointers for the new year.

  • First, make sure to keep track of what you eat. Now that doesn't mean you need to count every calorie but be aware of what you are eating. I like to say that getting healthy and really seeing results starts with eating the right foods. If you clean up your diet you'll feel better and you will see results quicker! You can either write down your foods for a few days in a journal or I like to use sites online such as Calorie Count or Fitday to get a true idea of how many calories you are eating. Once you see how you are eating, find a good plan to gradually switch to eating better and remove the bad calories. Now you can have a cheat meal once or twice a week as you still need to enjoy yourself and so you don't go off course!

  • Second, add some sort of exercise as a new habit in your life. Even if it is only for 15 minutes a day it is a step in the right direction towards looking and feeling better! Once you start feeling better I bet you will become motivated to increase your exercising! For the most efficient results I recommend strength training over cardio. If you can find time you can always do strength training and interval training cardio. I say interval training cardio because it is much more efficient to burning fat then steady state cardio (e.g. jogging at a medium pace for 30 minutes). Interval training consists for example of warming up with 5 minutes at an easy pace and gradually increasing your pace, then you do a 1 minute hard interval at 7/10 of your maximum effort with a 1 to 2 minute slow interval (3/10 of your maximum effort). Do 4 to 6 hard intervals with easy intervals in between and then finished with 5 minutes of cool down (2/10 of your maximum). You can do strength training with weights or just using body weight if you don't have access to a gym. Just do a search online for bodyweight workouts and I'm sure you'll find some good things to do. If you are lazy and don't want to do a search, then you can always do bodyweight squats, pushups, lunges or burpees. For example you can do 12 to 25 repetitions with no rest in between each exercise and a minute or so rest once you completed all the exercises. Do this continually until 15 to 30 minutes has passed for a quick and easy total body workout at home. The biggest thing is to just make it a routine or habit to get your exercise ideally at least 3 times a week. It may seem like you just don't have time but it will be worth it as you'll feel better once you start doing it! Good luck!